Leaky Showers and Bathroom Repairs

Does your tiled shower leak or require frequent repairs?

At Bathroom Renovators, we have the solution. Our experts specialize in full-tiled shower renovations that eliminate leaks and restore function in the long run.  

Tile and grout in bathrooms do not last forever. Over time, leaks develop, and no amount of patching will resolve the underlying issue. The sealing around pipes may fail, requiring the tiles nearby to be torn out. Cracks appear in floor tiles that allow water to seep into lower levels. When renovating the shower becomes necessary to avoid water damage, many homeowners feel overwhelmed at the thought of such a large job.  

Bathroom Renovators simplify the process. We handle your tiled shower renovation from start to finish, managing all aspects so you can enjoy a revived space without hassles or stress. 

Our typical shower renovation includes:

  • Consultation:
    We visit your home to assess the issues with your shower and determine solutions to eliminate current/future leaks based on your needs and budget.
  • Tile/Grout Removal:
    We remove existing tiles, grout, and shower pan to expose the wall studs or repair/replace the shower base. Rotten wood or water damage will be addressed.  
  • Waterproofing:
    For a leak-proof shower, we install waterproof backer boards and a custom shower pan with an integrated tile flange.  
  • Plumbing Fixtures:
    If plumbing issues contributed to leaks, we will replace pipes and valves as needed and install a new showerhead. 
  • Retiling:
    We provide premium new tiles and retile your shower walls and floor for a polished new look that seals out moisture.
  • Test and Inspection:
    Your new shower pan and tiles will be tested to ensure all leaks have been eliminated before we hand the finished shower back to you.     

At Bathroom Renovators, we guarantee our quality of workmanship. For up to 5 years and handle all required permits and inspections. Your satisfaction and a premium job done right are our top priorities.  

Revive your leaky tiled shower and enjoy this space for worry-free use for over a decade to come. Call Bathroom Renovators today for a complimentary consultation and estimate on fully renovating your tired tiled shower. Discover why we are considered the leading experts in the design and renovation of premium bathrooms across the region. Our quality work transforms your spaceā€”and puts your mind at ease!

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